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Controls & Schematics : HomeSecurity System Dealers & Suppliers in Trivandrum, Cochin, KERALA

Ever wanted to live in a home that runs tech systems? A home that is automated and has security systems installed so that you can sleep in peace after a hard day of work? This is where Controls & Schematics from Kerala comes into play. We are experts in innovating, designing and installing all that brings a secure feel at any time of the day or night. Controls & Schematics has in its product portfolio Gate openers, Road barriers, RFID Parking systems, electric gates, rolling shutters, boom barriers, access control systems, CCTV systems or electronic security systems and all that keeps a smile on your face.  And, we undertake the task you entrust with us with precision. Finhome security systems & home automation in kerala


For the past 16 years, Controls & Schematics has been a proud player in its area of operations, and the various successfully implemented projects bear true testimony to the quality the company has been delivering over the period.

Controls & Schematics has implemented projects for India’s leading engineering organizations, contracting companies and architects. Professional to the core, the team of skilled engineers and technicians has brought fame to Controls & Schematics with their unrelenting efforts to ensure quality in every project they take up.

The Trivandrum-based company has a wide ranging clientele across the whole of southern India and also operates offices in Cochin and Calicut. Contracting companies, architecture firms and top of the line engineering organisations have endorsed the professional excellence that Controls & Schematics exhibits in any project it undertakes. Check out Gate automation & gate designs in kerala.

Our Clients
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