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CCTV Dealers in Trivandrum, KERALA!

Security Systems: CCTV Camera Dealers in Trivandrum!

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) play an important role in the administration and security management of a facility, by being able to monitor and record all the activities within. The choice of CCTV camera determines the efficacy of the system, a well-designed system would utilize a combination of both fixed and mobile camera (with pan, zoom and tilt functions) depending on the location. Fixed CCTV cameras provide a permanent and assured field of view. Find here cctv camera dealers kerala where Fixed CCTV cameras are ideal for gates and entry points that need to be monitored and recorded at all times. On the other hand, movable CCTV cameras are suited for real time surveillance applications where large areas such as perimeter, lobby, areas involving public activity have to be monitored. These CCTV video footage can be stored in a digital format on a hard disk in a DVR. Some applications may require multiple operators at different locations to access the video information from various CCTV cameras located in different parts of the facility. The recorded video can be viewed on a mobile/Pc from anywhere in the world with the help of a network DVR. 

Description: CCTV CAMERA
BL-IR10F – IR Bullet Camera

This is a fully integrated IR CCTV Camera with built-in 24 infrared LEDs for high performance even in no light conditions. During low light or no light it provides high quality monochrome image. Good quality image, reliability and cost-effectiveness make this camera an excellent choice for all types of users.


  • IP 65 cylindrical housing
  • Zero LUX Min Illumination (IR ON)
  • Auto white balance and gain control
  • Automatic back light compensation
  • Built-in 24 Nos. infrared LEDs
  • IR lighting distance 10m

BL-IR30VF – Varifocal IR Bullet Camera

This is a  varifocal IR bullet CCTV Camera equipped with the best technology to provide a complete solution for outdoor applications. Its high quality image sensor with vary focal auto-Iris lens gives the best flexibility to obtain optimal quality. 48 Infrared LEDs assures crisp and clear monochrome image even at no light conditions. Its unique design of in-house cabling makes it best suitable for outdoor applications.

Features of CCTV Camera

  • 460TVL Horizontal Resolution
  • Zero Lux Min Illumination (IR ON)
  • DC Auto Iris Varifocal 4~9mm lens
  • IP 65 Cylindrical Housing
  • Built-in 48 Nos. Infrared LEDs
  • IR Lighting Distance 30m

Model-BX-540H – High Resolution Colour Box Camera


The BX-series of CCTV cameras are professional and high quality colour box cameras. With superior sensitivity, resolution of 540 TVL and picture quality providing optimal performance in virtually all situations, these CCTV cameras deliver sharper and clearer images. These CCTV cameras are nicely styled so that the body and lens seem to flow into each other. With compact body size these CCTV cameras offer the perfect combination unique yet aesthetically pleasing. Easy installation, digital signal processing, unmatched picture quality and reliability brings the video performance of these high resolution colour CCTV box cameras the best choice for professional users. 



  • 1/3-inch Colour Sony CCD
  • 540 TVL
  • Aesthetically-pleasing box cameras
  • High Sensitivity with superb picture quality
  • Auto Electronic Shutter; Automatic Gain Control
  • Automatic White Balance; Back Light Compensation
  • Anti-Colour Rolling; Night View

CR-420E3 is a fixed compact camera in a stylish off-white color dome. This color dome camera can be easily ceiling mounted to blend in any environment. Good picture quality, ease-of-installation and cost-effectiveness make this camera a preferred choice for all installers.


  • 420 TVL
  • 1/3-inch CCD image sensor
  • 0.3 Lux Minimum Illumination
  • Discreet Indoor Surveillance

Model-CTC-352 – Color Dome Camera

Colour dome cameras e are fixed compact cameras in stylish surveillance domes. These CCTV cameras are easily surface mounted on ceilings or walls to elegantly blend with their environment. Enhanced picture quality, true colour reproduction, outstnding reliability and ease of installation make these dome CCTV cameras an excellent choice for security surveillance application.


  • 540 TVL
  • Fixed compact colour dome camera
  • 1/3 inch colour Sony CCD
  • Easily mountable on ceilings and walls
  • Enhanced picture quality
  • True colour reproduction
  • Auto backlight compensation

VD-IR30VFS – Vandal Proof IR Varifocal Dome Camera

This is a vandal proof IR varifocal color dome camera. It comes with an auto-iris, varifocal lens to provide best flexibility for users to suit most applications. This CCTV camera is equipped with infrared LEDs ensuring clear picture even in dark or night conditions. Enhanced picture quality, good performance and ease of installation makes this camera a preferred choice for all installers.


  • 420 TVL Horizontal Resolution
  • Zero Lux Min Illumination (IR ON)
  • DC Auto Iris, Vari focal Lens, 4 ~ 9mm
  • IP 65 Vandal Proof Dome Housing
  • Built-in 35 pes Infrared LEDs
  • Manual Pan and Tilt for Easy Installation
  • IR Lighting Distance 25~30 m

CCTV Dealers in Trivandrum! Incorporating CCTV cameras in buildings to strengthen security levels

With crime rates increasing day by day, it is an essential one to improve security measures in buildings. A CCTV camera is mainly designed for this purpose which helps to prevent potential threats. It provides methods for monitoring buildings to avoid the intrusion of unknown persons and burglars by addressing exact needs. There are different types of CCTV cameras that are available in the markets and one should choose a right product for reducing thefts and other issues to a wider extent. CCTV camera systems are a suitable one for all types of buildings to ensure complete protection.

 Contact CCTV Camera Dealers

Some may face difficulties in installing these devices in their buildings due to insufficient knowledge and other factors. Experts and professional teams play a main role in this process by providing CCTV cameras installation guide PDF to develop standards in buildings. Find More information about CCTV Dealers in KERALAThis will help for overcoming complex issues by meeting essential requirements. It is possible to fix cameras anywhere in a building to record the activities of criminal activities. Another advantage is that they can be adjusted at any angles for minimizing complications. People can follow instructions in simple steps for fixing cameras depending on the needs. Anyone who wants to buy high quality cameras from dealers can search for the details through online to achieve goals in security management process. They also help for knowing complete details about CCTV cameras installation cost in easy methods to gain major advantages. In addition, one can able to live a safer life in buildings with these cameras. Guidelines are available for those who want to order CCTV cameras in India at affordable rates. All products cover warranty terms against defective issues. Certified technicians will make feasible ways for CCTV camera installation process by resolving complex issues. 


CCTV Camera Systems 

A CCTV camera plays a significant role in ensuring safety measures in an effective manner to live a problem less life. At the same time, security camera installation needs proper ideas for gaining more benefits. Instructions for CCTV installation process can be gathered from dealers and suppliers to get desired outputs. Building owners can compare the prices and models of CCTV camera in Kerala to select them depending on the needs. Satisfaction guarantee is assured for customers after ordering the cameras. CCTV cameras in Trivandrum make feasible ways for safeguarding the buildings from burglary problems and other issues which help for getting peace of mind in proper methods. 

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