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Security Systems, Dealers, KERALA Suppliers!

A security  alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry  into a building or area. They are also called security alarms, security systems, alarm systems, intruder alarm, burglar alarm etc.

Burglar alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial  properties for protection against theft as well as personal protection against intruders. Security systems are classified into two, wired security system and wireless security system.

Some  security alarm systems serve the purpose of  burglary protection, combination systems provide both fire and intrusion protection. Intrusion alarm systems may also be combined with closed circuit television systems to automatically record the activities of intruders. Systems range from small, self-contained noisemakers and auto dialers to complicated  multi area systems with central monitoring station.

Control Panel

All the components of an electronic security system are connected to the control panel, which runs the system and performs periodic tests with the monitoring center. The backup battery, battery charger and power supply unit are kept inside the control panel.


The keypad is a control console from which the day-to-day functioning of the security system is controlled. A password is entered to arm or disarm the system as you come and go. Separate users can have separate passwords, enabling you to keep track of who uses the system and when.

 Magnetic Sensor

Magnetic sensor provides security for doors and windows in your home. It can be installed on the doorframe and the door leaf. It uses a magnetic reed switch and a magnetic field to detect the intrusion and to alert the home security system. A closed magnetic contact connected to a window or door alarm registers normal status. If the door or window is opened, the switch opens and triggers the security alarm.

 Movement Sensor

Movement sensors use either infrared or microwave signal to detect intruders. The most comprehensive systems are "dual-tech", combining both technologies. Infrared sensors operate passively, becoming activated when an object cuts their fixed beam. Microwave operates on the same principle as radar- the sensor sends out a balloon of energy and waits for it to bounce back. If a person moves into the field, it changes the amount of time it takes for the signal to return, which triggers the security system.

Boundary Sensor

Boundary guard alerts your security system before burglars get inside. This attractive and low profile outdoor sensor detects up to 40' on each side, creating an 80'x 3' detection pattern. Boundary guard suits almost all outdoor applications because it combines two sensors creating extra high immunity against false alarms caused by small animals, cars, and other outdoor disturbances. A selectable buzzer can alert intruders and also serves as a convenient walk test indicator. It is widely used  for perimeter  intrusion detection in home security systems.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass break sensors detect the common sounds of shattering glass and acoustical shock when a window is broken and alert the home security system. Glass break sensors can detect potential intruders before they enter the premises, ensuring that the damage to the property, theft of valuables and threats to personnel inside the building are all limited.

Smoke Sensor

Smoke detectors are designed to sense the product s of combustion and to alert the security system. Common types of smoke detectors include ionization Sensor and photoelectric smoke Sensor.



Gas leak Sensor

Gas leak detectors are designed to sense all mixtures of combustible gases and to alert the home security system


Panic Button

Panic button is a last line of defense for personal safety. They are designed to trigger the alarm in the home  security system when you need attention of others.



Sirens & Strobe Lights

Sirens are employed both internally and externally in a home security system. The external siren attracts attention from people outside the building and internal sirens emit a piercing sound designed to force the intruder to leave the building. Strobe lights are fixed outside the building and are used to attract attention in case of alarm at night.


Auto Dialer

Auto dialer is connected to the telephone line and it can send pre- recorded voice messages to landl ine/mobile phones when an alarm is triggered.



Central Monitoring Station

It links up with your home security system every time you arm the system, thereby enabling our response executives to monitor your home even while you are away. It is like having somebody at your home 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. In case of any unwanted intrusion, Central monitoring station  will get in touch with you that very instant.


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